Top COP or Flop COP?

And finally, its over.  Negotiations carried on until 3.30am this morning, and ended with the ‘Durban Deal’.  It has three main features.

The Three Part Deal – KP, GCF, and … something

Firstly, the Kyoto Protocol (KP) will be extended in its current form for five years.  Civil society is divided on whether this is a flop or ‘top’.  Continue reading

Nuclear power presentations and panel discussion at COP17 side event

The Heinrich Boell Foundation arranged a set of presentations and panel discussion on the theme of ‘Beyond coal and nuclear’.  The three highly distinguished presenters were Kimiko Hirata of the Japanese organisation Kiko network which has its goal the prevention of dangerous climate change; Arne Jungjohann of the Washington office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBF); and Michaele Schreyer, member of the supervisory board of HBF. Continue reading

Anti-nuclear demonstrations at COP17

Anti-nuclear sentiments have run high at the COP17 demonstrations.  Together with Occupy activists, Koeberg Alert Alliance volunteers created a banner which reads ‘Nuclear Power is Intergenerational Tyranny’.  This highlights the injustice inherent in a technology which produces power for the current generation, and leaves the very difficult problem of the high level waste to future generations, for thousands of years to come.

Anti-nuclear banner and police

There was a lot of media attention Continue reading