What can I do?

Here are a few steps you can take to make a difference!

STEP 1: Sign up to receive important emails and become a member
Sign up to be kept informed and to join in telling the South African government that we want renewable energy and to say NO to unsafe nuclear power stations being built at Koeberg or at other places around the country!

You can also follow this blog to get an occasional email when a new article is posted.

STEP 2: Participate in our democracy
South African law gives all citizens the right to participate in government decision making processes.  When you hear about these public participation opportunities, take the time to get involved.

Remember that the price of a participatory democracy is participation – your participation.

STEP 3: Do what you are good at doing
Do you have a legal background or academic qualification? Do you have a talent for design? Are you good with social media or mobilising people?

Consider using a few hours every now and then to put that skill to good use.  Contact us on info@koebergalert.org and let us know your ideas.

STEP 4: Spread awareness
Many people in South Africa don’t know the negative impacts of nuclear. Most public education around nuclear power comes from Eskom and others who have financial interests in nuclear power. They need you to believe that nuclear is safe to push their agendas. Nuclear is NOT safe and its NOT clean.

Lets empower our communities so that they can be a stand for themselves and future generations. Let us know if we can assist with material or to provide you with a speaker to talk about the issues which relate to nuclear power.

But always remember – awareness is not enough. Action is required!


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