The Nuclear-1 video they didn’t want you to see

As for any large project, the proposed building of a new nuclear power plant in South Africa required an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process to be completed by independent experts.  This results in an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which must be presented to the public via a public participation process.

During some of these presentations, Peter Becker, of the Koeberg Alert Alliance videoed the proceedings. Continue reading

Cabinet approves National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordination Committee

There has been a mounting concern that there are moves afoot to push through a decision on nuclear power over the next few months.  The following was reported from a cabinet meeting on 9 November:

“2.9 Establishment of the National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordination Committee
Cabinet approved the establishment of the National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordination Committee (NNEECC) to implement a phased decision making approach to the nuclear programme. Cabinet further approved the establishment of the nuclear energy technical committee (NETC) to support the NNEECC.”

Of particular concern is the technical committee.  Continue reading

South Africa could learn from Germany abandoning nuclear power in favour of renewables

Germany has been in the news recently for announcing that it has scrapped all plans for using nuclear power in the future. The magnitude of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and the radioactive contamination there resulted in German voters making it very clear that any party supporting nuclear expansion would be in trouble in the polls. For the first time in history, the German Green Party won a regional election.

Goeddenhenrich and Becker discussing PV

Goeddenhenrich and Becker discuss solar PV at the Hout Bay Green Faire

But what about the 26 new coal power stations that Germany is planning to build as a result of abandoning nuclear power? Continue reading