What are your questions?  Please let us know, and we will answer them here as best we can.

4 responses to “FAQ

  1. hi,

    i read that you are organising a A Global Conference for a Nuclear
    Power Free Africa in Cape Town slated for March this year.

    Please keep e posted on how I may be a part of it as well as any further developments.


  2. Hi
    As you know Cape Town is in the process of running out of water.

    As a concerned citizen of Cape Town, I would like to know the following:
    1. How many liters fresh water per day is need to cool the running nuclear reactors
    2. How many liters fresh water per day is need to cool the STOPPED nuclear reactors
    3. How many liters fresh water per day is needed to cool the used uranium rods
    4. How many tons of used uranium rods is stored at Koeberg

    Last year (2017) there was talk about a desaltation plant at Koeberg, what is the status on that?

    I now that an indirect cooling system with heat echange between sea water and
    fresh water is used.


    • That is a very good question! Because the NNR categorised these not as ‘incidents’ but as ‘occurences’, they are not obliged to inform the public. This doesn’t seem right, and I believe all monitoring data should be available to the public in real time. If you are familiar with the PAIA process, you could do one to the NNR/Eskom (I could support/help you with that if needed).

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