The Nuclear-1 video they didn’t want you to see

As for any large project, the proposed building of a new nuclear power plant in South Africa required an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process to be completed by independent experts.  This results in an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which must be presented to the public via a public participation process.

During some of these presentations, Peter Becker, of the Koeberg Alert Alliance videoed the proceedings.  The consultants from Arcus Gibb attempted to prevent this, for reasons which were not clear at the time.  However, this 3 minute edited extract, which indicates that the consultant being questioned is incompetent in the field of nuclear waste, offers a possible explanation.

“Should they ever attempt to push this deeply flawed EIR through”, says Becker, “we will of course challenge that, and this video is likely to end up as part of the court record.  However, I believe that there are deeply principled environmentalists who work for Arcus Gibb, and I hope that they will prevail and prevent this EIR from being submitted to the Department of Environment.”  Becker also pointed out that a criminal conviction had occurred in South Africa for an Environmental Assessment practitioner who failed to fulfil their duties, and that this should assist in “nudging Arcus Gibb to making the right decision”.

You can watch the clip on YouTube here

2 responses to “The Nuclear-1 video they didn’t want you to see

  1. Arcus Gibbs is also involvied in various projects in Rivers State, Nigeria as Consultants

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