Suspension of NNR Board member: Response

Further to our previous post re being excluded from Board meetings, and later receiving a letter from Minister Mantashe suspending him, Peter Becker’s legal representative wrote as below to the Minister.

It has since emerged that on the same day of the letter, 18 January 2022, Eskom received approval from the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) to go ahead with the replacement of the first three steam generators at Koeberg.

It is a peculiar coincidence that based on a legal opinion delivered in early October 2021, the Minister happened to write the suspension letter on the day the NNR approved this major project, which is a key component of Eskom’s plan to extend the life of the ageing plant by twenty years.

Becker is known for his broad knowledge of safety issues at nuclear plants, and at Koeberg in particular. It would have been in the public interest to have this expertise at the table when the NNR made such a momentous decision, and this poses questions about why there was such determination to exclude him from the Board at this particular moment in time.

Here is the response letter in full:

6 responses to “Suspension of NNR Board member: Response

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