Declaration for a Nuclear Power Free Africa

I/we support the declaration:


We, the undersigned;

Considering the work of economists, who have calculated that nuclear power is the most expensive alternative for generating electricity in Arica;

Recognising the excellent potential for renewable energy in Africa given our abundant sun and wind resources;

Noting that presently wind and solar energy provides a very small portion of Africa’s electricity needs, such as 0.02% in South Africa

Conscious of the low rate of electrification in the continent, especially in the sub-Saharan region;

Recognising the potential for distributed renewable energy to provide cost-effective electrification to rural areas;

Recognising the potential for effective energy efficiency measures to result in the use of existing generation capacity more efficiently;

Recognising the potential for job creation by renewable energy projects, particularly if local manufacturing capacity is developed;

Commending leading projects such as Morocco’s 500 MW concentrated solar power plant and Egypt’s 150 MW hybrid solar-gas plant;

Supporting the African Union Resolution on Solar Energy of 2010 and its commitment to the expansion of viable solar-based electricity generation;

Conscious of the health dangers of the nuclear fuel chain, in particular uranium mining;

Conscious of the long lived radioactive waste generated by nuclear power, which may pose a threat to society for generations to come;

Mindful of the widespread contamination from the nuclear disaster at Fukushima one year ago in March 2011, and the human suffering resulting from forced evacuations and long term poisoning of the air, land and sea;

Hereby declare that nuclear power is a more costly and potentially catastrophic alternative when compared to renewable sources of energy.

We therefore call on;

  • the governments of Egypt and South Africa to abandon their nuclear power plans;
  • all governments in Africa to accelerate the installation of renewable energy, and to avoid the nuclear power alternative;
  • all people of the world to support the vision of a nuclear power free Africa.

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