What can I do? [OLD PAGE]

Koeberg Alert Alliance needs to build membership and support urgently. Please arrange a meeting in your community. We can assist with ideas for posters, and will provide a speaker to provide information and talk about the issues which relate to nuclear power. Unlike Eskom, the nuclear industry, and the government, we are not motivated by wanting you to believe empty promises and bland reassurances!

This has to happen before the end of the year, and it takes time to organise and mobilise. So please pick up the phone now and call your neighbour, friend, or colleague. We also need assistance with graphic design, printing and distribution. Cash donations are also useful for design,  printing, transport and mobilisation costs.  Our bank details are FNB, branch 210046. account number 62332652991 (we will have PayPal activated soon).

Please also fill this in:

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