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    • Germany don’t want it (phasing out all nuclear energy by 2022: Risks & cost too high) and Japan messed it up (Fukushima, 2011), but we in SA think we can get it right! We tried that with the PBMR when Germany couldn’t get it right (costly failure for us!). Viva Barbara Hogan who pulled the plug! Viva the ANC brains trust! Where are they now!

      >>>>>>>>>>> DON’T GO NEAR IT!! IT’S RADIO ACTIVE !! <<<<<<<<<
      (say no to nuclear)

      • Its not been debated in RSA and therefore is an illegal Tender awarded by a political party not a Government.

    • Comparing Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Fukushima is like cmrapoing a town engulfing wildfire with a chimney-fire. Fukushima won’t create a comparable amount of radioactive contamination to ether of those other events if left alone until the Sun goes cold.Scale is everything. Reply

    • you ralely lived there, you would have the necessary information by now to make a difference and stop the madness caused by the fear of radiation.You know that numerous cities in the world have tenfold the radiation levels that Japan used as a baseline for its evacuation policy.Spread the news and go home. It is time for civil disobedience. Reply

  1. They just drleaced the area a dead-zone for decades. It is too radioactive.Also the effects that accident has had are undeniable bad for their health.I think you are a bit out of the loop, but then again I live there you probably do not. Reply

  2. Change starts here. We have a responsibility to look after our planet for our children and their children and our great-grandchildren and their children! (not to mention all living creatures who do not have a voice) Let’s not repeat Japan’s disaster in SA!

  3. There seems much too little activity on this website suggesting action against the planned nuclear power plant (NPP)! This is urgent. There are several reasons the NPP project should be STOPPED. Off the top of my head i can think of four:
    1) It is dangerous.
    2) There is a danger of the plant being mismanaged.
    3) Renewable energy is much more economical and scalable.
    4) Massive corruption can be expected.
    The forth point makes my blood boil the most, because it will mean delays and ineffective construction, and because the money being stolen via bribes and kick-backs could be used much more effectively in RSA, especially at this low point in our economy.

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